Holiday Nail Color

A Part of the “Getting in the Christmas Spirit” Series

You may have noticed my obsession with nail polish if you’re a regular reader of Class and Creation.  Hehe.  I love finding new colors that are fun and stylish.  I found this really awesome Christmas color by Essie that I just had to share!

Essie’s School of Hard Rocks and top coat mini 2 pack

I love this color for Christmas.  It’s an awesome green shade, almost a deep teal or evergreen color.  Love it!

I used another Essie shade, Size Matters from the “Cocktail Bling” collection on my toes.  I don’t have a photo of that (I feel like it would be weird to post a photo of my feet… haha), but it looks like this:

The two together made the perfect variation on the traditional red and green!  I thought it was super fun to use a green with a teal undertone and a red with a magenta-ish undertone… love it!  I thought it was a great way to do a little twist on a traditional combo!

What are your favorite holiday nail colors???


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