Friday Favorites

These Nine West black patent pumps are awesome! I bought them initially for mock trial, but they actually look perfect with jeans, too! They can easily be dressed up or down and are appropriate for officewear, too. And... they're actually not too uncomfortable! (Let's face it, all heels are at least a little uncomfortable!) Even better, I found them at Ross for only about $20!

IN LOVE with this Juicy Couture Wishes Pave Ring! You can read more about it in my earlier post!

Apparently, studying at Starbucks with a snack and a Java Chip Frappuccino Light with one pump of white mocha makes studying bearable!


Spring has sprung in Happy Valley! The sun has been shining and the weather has been beautiful... these flowers are soaking up the sunshine as much as I am!


Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s Friday Favorites!  Please like or comment to let me know if you think I should keep doing them!


P.S. Thanks to Instagram for helping my pictures turn out much prettier! 🙂

Friday Favorites

I had a fantastic Spring Break week this week, and I hope you all have enjoyed yourslves, too!  Here are a few of my favorite things from this week…

This week, my fiance and I took a short trip to Washington, D.C. Last year during spring break, we visited D.C., and he proposed in the Rotunda of the Capitol. Visiting the same place was a great way to celebrate our engagementiversary! We had a fantastic trip and a ton of fun!

This is what the inside of the top of the Capitol Rotunsa looks like. The painting in the center is called The Apotheosis of George Washington. Not only is it a stunning work of art, but it is also extremely meaningful. You can find more information by clicking the photo. I always loved the Capitol Rotunda, but after the proposal last year, it is even more special! It's cool to think that George Washington was looking down on us (literally, from this painting!) during our special moment!

We found these beautiful flowering trees in the garden behind the Smithsonian Castle. I love that so much beauty can be found in the most unexpected places in D.C.!

To celebrate the beginning of spring break, we got a big group of friends and went to a hibachi dinner. It was tons of fun and delicious!

Sharing Starbucks Frappuccino time with my fiance 🙂

MMMM YUM! Sprinkles cupcakes from the Georgetown location! This is a two-for-one favorite because Sprinkles has my favorite store-bought cupcakes AND Georgetown is one of my favorite places ever!

Who doesn't love cookies that show up to your door at 10 at night???

We got a chance to meet up with one of our friends while in D.C. We always have so much fun together, and I love how this photo shows how silly we are and how much we laugh together!

Photo of the Day: Spa Day

To celebrate my last day at home, my mom took me on a spa day.  It was the perfect way to spend some quality girl time together and to relax after tons of work for the move and before the stress of a cross-country drive.  I took this photo of a waterfall wall in the spa because it was so pretty and tranquil.  I would love to have one of these in my home someday!

Fun Frames

Ever have an occasion (birthday, Christmas, congratulations, etc.) for which you need a gift for someone… but have NO idea what to get them?  Sure, you care about them enough to give a gift, but maybe not to spend a fortune on it.  Or maybe you just enjoy crafting, like I do!

One of my favorite gifts to give is picture frames.  I try to never give anyone an empty frame.  I usually try to find a photo that is related to the occasion in some way (ie. using a photo of the couple in an engagement gift) or include a carefully written or prettily typed quote.  Of course, the recipient can always put whatever he/she wants into the frame later, but I think it’s nice to give them something that’s already ready to go.

There are different ways to go about this, depending on your level of skill and enjoyment with crafting, your budget, time constraints, etc.  Here are a couple of examples:

Crafty Frame:

I made this frame for a friend’s engagement gift.  I took a plain wooden frame (I found it at Michael’s, but you can get them at just about any craft store, Wal Mart, etc.) and painted the edges white and the main front blue.  I used some of my favorite scrapbooking stuff to decorate the frame, including alpha stickers, 3-D decorations, sticky rhinestones, and rub-ons (on the bottom left).  I also bought wooden letters to spell “love”, painted them, and stuck them on with a hot glue gun.  I chose a photo that I found on her facebook page of her new fiancé  proposing.  She LOVED the frame and it still adorns her office nearly two years later!  The total cost to make the frame was about $5-7, but I admit that I did already have some of the decorations, the paint, and other supplies.  It may have been inexpensive, but she definitely appreciated the time and personalization that went into the gift.

Photo Collage Frame:

I was going to a wedding, and the bride and groom had this photo frame on their registry.  Rather than just sticking an empty frame in a gift bag and calling it a day, I filled the frame with photos of the couple and put their wedding invitation in the center spot.  They LOVED it!  It was a great way to give them something on their registry but personalize it to make it a bit more special.  Plus, I figure every married couple is getting tons of things to set up their home, and this one was ready to hang!


These are only a couple of examples, but I hope it’s a good start to convey the idea.  If anyone is interested, I’d be more than happy to do a “part 2” post later and share some others.  Or, if you have any “perfect gift” ideas you’d like to share, please leave a comment… I’d love to hear!

Fourth of July Fun

Here are a few things that I did to enjoy this year’s Independence Day…

Sweet Treats:

Firework Marshmallow Pops

I got the idea from  I couldn’t find any red, white, and blue only sprinkles, so I used rainbow ones instead to make them “firework” pops.  You can find instructions at the link!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

With the leftover chocolate from the marshmallow pops, I made some refreshing chocolate covered strawberries.  PERFECT use of the leftovers!  They were SO easy to make and turned out to be a great summer treat!

Funfetti Cupcakes

Straight out of the Pillsbury box, these turned out fluffy, festive, and delish!

Cool Photo Ideas:

I found the “firework” setting on my digital camera and had tons of fun making these!  It was a bit tough to juggle the sparkler in one hand and the camera in the other (you can’t have someone else take the photo unless you can write backward!), but it was totally worth it.  You can make pretty much any design, but these are a couple of my favorites…