Happy Hunger Games

Happy Hunger Games!

In honor of the movie release today, I wanted to share a little something to celebrate!  I attended the midnight showing with a group of friends last night and had a great time!  The movie was fantastic!

Disclaimer:  I admit it.  I have not yet read the books.  I know this makes me a terrible person.  I didn’t hear about them until I had already started law school, and I don’t have time to read “for fun” during the semester.  I read a different series over winter break, not realizing the movie was being released so soon.  I will read them over the summer, I promise!  That being said, PLEASE NO SPOILERS!!! ❤

Anyway, I got up this morning and I just really wanted to be cool like Katniss.  I mean really, who wouldn’t?  Since I have no survival skills whatsoever, I decided to fix my hair in a crossover French braid like hers. 🙂

Click HERE for a Youtube video tutorial that I found via Pinterest so that you can have Katniss’s awesome ‘do, too!  You can find tons of tutorials online if you search, but I thought this one did a pretty good job.  Hope you enjoy!

May the odds be ever in your favor!


Good Things Come in Small Packages

Sometimes, a little retail therapy is all you need!

I was having one of those weeks where everything was stressful and everything seemed to be going wrong.  Then today, I woke up and the sun was shining, the weather was amazing, and everything seemed to get better from there!  I have a semi-formal event that I am attending this weekend, so I thought I would take a look at TJ Maxx for some shoes before class this afternoon.  I didn’t find any shoes, but I DID find something better!

I have been wanting a ring with a bow on it for probably about 2 years now.  I found one that I really liked, but it turned out to be much more expensive than I wanted to (or could) spend.  It was around $300, which was just not what I was looking for.  Granted, it was white gold and diamond, so it was worth the money.  But alas, a full time student just can’t have everything.  So I have searched, sometimes actively, sometimes more passively, since then for just the perfect one.  A few months ago, I saw a Juicy Couture one on Pinterest that I basically fell in love with.  After stalking it only to find that it was no longer in stock or available, I was so disappointed.

Today, when I walked into TJ Maxx, I had no idea that it would be waiting for me in the jewelry case!  I was absolutely thrilled to have found it so unexpectedly.  I asked the salesperson to try it on, and although it was a bit snug for my ring finger, it fit my pinky perfectly!  So… I asked how much it was, and, can you believe it???  It was only $19.99!!!  My day was officially made!

So, without further ado, please allow me to introduce you to my new favorite thing!

Even the box is pretty!


So pretty!


❤ ❤ ❤

As it turns out, the Juicy Couture Wishes Pave Ring can be found online in a couple of locations, though it seems to currently be out of stock where I’ve seen it.  If you’re interested, you can find more information (and a clearer photo!) here.

Have you recently participated in some retail therapy and made a purchase that you are totally happy with?  Please feel free to share in the comments!



Favorite Shoes <3

While I wish that I had a more up-class style when it comes to everyday footwear, the fact is that I am still going to school and I have to walk… a lot.  I need something that’s comfy and durable, and matches most everything.

A few years ago, I bought my first pair of Coach sneakers, and I was immediately in love!  They are super comfortable, they’re stylish, and they’re pretty durable.  Oh, and did I mention they’re COACH??  In fact, I liked them SO much that when they finally wore out, I bought another pair just like them!  In the meantime, I had a friend who had found the same style but in denim, and I have been looking for them ever since.  I wasn’t able to find them until last week!  The Coach Factory store had an online sale (they don’t do them all that often, but there’s one going on now!) and I happened to see them!  I was thrilled!!!  Not only did I finally find them, but they were on sale so that even with shipping, I was able to get them for about $30 less than I spent on my black ones!!!  *Happy dance*


So… here are my new super cute Coach sneakers!


Fresh out of the box!



Love the denim!






The classic and the new!


Do you have a favorite go-to pair of shoes that you just love?  Please tell me about them in the comments!

Rocking Red Lipstick

Red lips fade in and out of mass popularity, but have remained a classic throughout the decades.  I see plenty of stars sporting red lips on the red carpet, but I haven’t been able to muster the courage to try it myself.  I think red lips, when done right, can work with any complexion and can range from elegantly formal to sexy pinup status.  I’ve done red nail polish on fingers and toes, red heels, red ribbons in my hair, the works.  But I still haven’t worked up the guts to try the red lip.  Maybe I’m just waiting for the right occasion or the right dress… who knows? Despite my hesitation, I do think that red lipstick is a classic style that has shown true longevity and will probably not be going anywhere for some time to come!

I was wondering how you all feel about red lips.  What celebs or friends do you think have rocked the red lip the best?  If you’ve given it a shot, what brands and shades would you recommend?  Maybe you’ll help inspire me to give it a shot!

Signature Waldorf Style: Headbands

One of my favorite fashionistas is Blair Waldorf, the character on Gossip Girl played by Leighton Meester.  Although sometimes her style surprises, mainly she is classy, classic, and sophisticated with a little sprinkle of the trendy.  LOVE.

Although I began wearing headbands before I started watching the show and admiring Blair’s gutsy ambition and fashion sense, her signature headbands (featured in ths InStyle article) inspired me to try new styles and pair them with new types of outfits.  Headbands are not just there for bad hair days, not just a barrier between my bangs and my face.  Headbands are a fantastic accessory that can take a hairstyle up a notch and add a personal style to a classic outfit.

Here are a couple of examples of Blair’s headband style:

      Basically, headbands can be worn with your hair however you want it.  Curly, straight, up, down… whatever!  That’s why  like them, you can add them to whatever style you already wanted to wear and it’s like the cherry on top.  Not necessary, but gives it that little something extra.

I probably own about 20 headbands.  Don’t worry, I don’t wear all of them regularly!  I also don’t wear a headband every day.  BUT, I do think there are a few staple headbands that any girl can have around just in case.

Skinny headband:

A staple, this particular headband fulfills both the “skinny” headband requirement and the “neutral colored” category.  I love multitasking!

Something with Sparkle:

This was one of my first post-high-school headband purchases.  It’s lasted forever and functions as the perfect addition of sparkle where needed.  I picked it up at Forever21 years ago and it hasn’t let me down!


Metallic pairs well when you’re using prominent accessories of the same color.  I have a gold long necklace with pearl and black beads that goes great with this one!


For something a little extra fun and flirty, this pink patterned headband is perfect!  This also satisfies the “wide” headband category as well as the “pop of color” category.  I love the pattern but I also love the layering technique with the ribbon overlay!  Pairing this with a plain black top and jeans makes the outfit!

Special Occasion:

What’s not to love???  I particularly appreciate the fact that this one is a basic skinny black headband with a blinged out wider portion.  I like the contrast between the sizes, but I also like that the decorative part is not too overwhelming because it doesn’t encompass the length of the entire headband.  When I wear this, I feel like I’m wearing an acceptable form of tiara.

Basic Black Headband:

I’d say that I saved the best for last, but I honestly do really like all of these headbands depending on the occasion, outfit, and mood.  That being said, if I had to choose just one (thank goodness I don’t!), it would be this.  It is classic, feminine, and goes with just about anything.  It can be dressed up or down and it’s the perfect in-between so you don’t have to choose skinny or wide.  This particular one is lovely because it’s all ribbon (extra girly!) and I’m partial to  bows.  *le sigh*

I know there are some who don’t really appreciate headbands, but I have to say that I disagree.  I don’t think headbands are childish, at least not when worn properly.  In my opinion, Blair’s character is a great example of how to wear headbands in a classy and stylish way, and I try to do the same.

If you have any favorites, please feel free to share!  I am always looking for new ones, so I would love to see what you like and don’t!

Triumvirate of Heels

One of my favorite brands of heels is Nina.  I have found them to be affordable, comfortable, and cute… which is a rare triumvirate!  Here are my two favorite pairs, in addition to one I’ve had my eye on.

Nina Gretel Evening Sandal in Black

These were my first pair of Nina shoes and they have lasted me almost 5 years now!  I can actually stand in them for hours, which is a pretty big deal for me and heels.  That may be a little on the “party shoe” side, but I have found that they can work with a more low key outfit, too.  I chose them initially because i loved the cool crossover pattern and the bit of bling, but I’ve kept them as a staple because they are so comfortable and versatile!

Nina Evelixa in Red

I was in the market for some sexy red heels, and I ran across a pair of these at Ross on sale for only $25!  They had a little mark on the side (I’m assuming that’s why they were at Ross), but it was barely noticeable.  I am in love with these shoes!  The heel isn’t too high, so like the black ones above, I can actually wear them without wanting to cry or consider going barefoot in public.  I wore them to my family’s “Holiday Chic” party this past winter… they were perfect!

I’ve gotten tons of compliments on both pairs.  I think that’s partly because they’re completely adorable, but also because I have actually been able to wear them in public more than once.  I don’t generally do very well in heels, so the fact that I’ve been able to wear these many times and enjoy them speaks volumes.

Because I have loved both so much, I’ve been considering these for my wedding shoes! (Assuming I can’t make the Louboutins from my previous post, The Perfect Heels, work out… le sigh.)

Nina Electra in White Luster Satin

I love them!  I’m pretty sure they’ll be comfortable based on my past experience, they’re classy, classic, and feminine (I love the bow!), and they won’t be tempted to slide off my heel because of the strap around the ankle (one of my favorite parts about the “Gretel”).  The trouble is that I won’t actually be getting married for at least three years (we’re waiting until after law school), and I haven’t even begun to pick a dress or venue.  Chances are that by that time, I’ll have either changed my mind or these will no longer be in stock anywhere, but we’ll see!

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share with you a brand that I have thoroughly enjoyed and found practical.  I hope that you will share with me your favorite brands and styles, too!  Please leave a comment with your go-to brand!