Friday Favorites: My New Lilly Agenda

Happy Friday!!!  And even better… Happy spring break!

This week, my favorite thing is my brand new Lilly Pulitzer agenda!

lilly agenda

Lilly Pulitzer had a fantastic sale, so this soft cover agenda that is usually $26 only cost me $12!  Even better, two-day ground shipping was free, so I ordered my agenda on Tuesday morning and it was on my doorstep on Thursday morning for less than $13 including tax.  I am super excited to get organized now!  Not only is the outside fun and bright, but the inside is adorable and makes you want to see what tomorrow will bring!

Lilly agenda inside

The tabs make everything easy to find, and each month provides a new upbeat theme.  Basically, I’m in Lilly-love with my new agenda!

What is your Friday favorite this week?  Do you have any good organization ideas?  Please feel free to share in the comments!



Organizing Scarves

So having been in Pennsylvania through the winter, I have discovered that scarves are not just an accessory, but a necessity!  I found this handy little hanger at Ross this week and thought it would be perfect to hang my scarves on!  As it turns out, it actually works great!  It’s initially made to hang pants, but it works really well for scarves, too.  Plus, it was only about $5 and they had a few really pretty colors!  (I picked purple. <3)  I left the cardboard info attached for the photos so you can see what it is.  The gel grips on the arms are great because they keep the fabric from slipping.  In addition, the arms can be detached on the right side if you want to slide them off that way instead of length-wise.  Like I said, I found it really cheap at Ross, but if you want to buy it online, the cheapest I found on Google was here. (Providing this link does not in any way mean I am recommending the online vendor.  I have never purchased anything through the provided link.)  I think this will be a much better way to keep track of my scarves and keep them nice… Hanging them on the backs of chairs and doorknobs just isn’t working.  Hehe.  I’ve chosen to hang mine in our coat closet, but if you want to hang it somewhere that has less space beneath the hanger, you can easily fold the scarves in half before draping them over the arms to shorten them.


Do you have any organization tricks and tips?  Please feel free to share them in the comments below!  I am always looking for new ideas on how to stay (or get…) organized!