New Monthly Box: Julep Maven

My Birchbox subscription finally ended, and I decided that I wanted to try something new.  One of my friends recommended that I try Julep Maven, and with their first box free, I thought… why not??  I wasn’t disappointed, and I have really enjoyed getting a new box each month.  Some of the pros of the Julep Maven box are:

  • The primary focus is nail polish, which, as you know, I LOVE.
  • You get to take a fun “style quiz” that pairs you up with a general style they think you’ll enjoy.  Not to worry, though, if you disagree.  You can always switch before your box goes in the mail! (See the next bullet point!)
  • You have a window each month that allows you to choose from a number of options for what you will be sent that month.  This is awesome because it gives you an opportunity to make changes and pick things you really want.
  • You can skip months if nothing looks good!
  • There’s an option to add items to your box each month at a huge discount from their normal prices.
  • Each item or box you order earns you points, which can later be applied to discount your orders!
  • The product quality is great.  The nail polish colors are fun and vibrant.  I am IN LOVE with their lip gloss (I picked Enchanted).  It doesn’t get sticky, lasts a long time, and really moisturizes.  Plus, the color is fabulous!
  • They have tons of promotions each month, so it’s easy to get good deals on their products.
  • You can get your first trial box FREE!  Just click HERE to get started!
This is the first box I picked after my welcome box!  They seem to always include a little surprise with your order.  This time it was this adorable pink and blue candy stick!

This is the first box I picked after my welcome box! They seem to always include a little surprise with your order. This time it was this adorable pink and blue candy stick!


Do you have any fun monthly subscriptions?  Please share them in the comments!


All Hail New Nails

Have you been looking for a new nail polish to try?

I had my eye on this Butter London shade since I saw it on Pinterest months ago.  I happened to notice that Butter London was available (finally!) at the Ulta near my house.  I checked, and saw that they had the color I had been envying, but after looking at the price tag, I decided against it.  Well, I just couldn’t get it out of my head, and I ended up going back a couple days later specifically to pick it up!  The polish I drove back for?

Butter London’s All Hail the Queen:


Um, hai.  This color is FANTASTIC.  It’s a great nude color, so it goes with anything.  But the underlying shimmer and sparkle adds just a little something that makes it appropriate for party time, too!  Also, it looks crazy cool in the sun!  It’s hard to explain and pretty much impossible to photograph, but trust me, it’s awesome.  $14 is a little more than I would normally like to spend on nail polish because for me, I prefer quantity over quality when it comes to nail colors.  BUT, after trying this one color, Butter London has made a believer out of me!  Absolutely worth $14, in my opinion.

I tried to get a shot of how cool it looks in the sun. This definitely doesn’t do it justice, but you can kind of see the sparkle! You can check out this link for a much better picture!

I think this color is great for any season, too.  That’s one of the benefits of a nude, it can be perfect anytime.  That also really helps me justify the price tag because I know I won’t be limited to only wearing it during the summer.  Basically, I recommend this one for sure!  In fact, I liked it so much, and one of my friends was so jealous, that I ended up buying it for her for her birthday, too!


Do you have any favorite nail polish shades or brands?  Please share in the comments!


Neutral Nails

Last week, I participated in mock trial, so I needed to look professional.  Lately, I’ve been trying more fun things with my nails, especially since the weather has gotten nicer.  But, for this professional-attire-required event, I had to tone it down a bit.  That being said, I still wanted to keep it a little fun, so here’s what I came up with!

Orly "Buried Treasure" and OPI "Warm and Fozzie" (from their Muppets Collection)

I did my whole hand in two coats of the "Buried Treasure" and then did the "Warm and Fozzie" over only my ring finger on each hand for a little pop of fun!

A little closer up so you can see the difference i color better. I love the shimmer and sparkle without being too overdone!

From a different angle

I think this was a really good combination for a professional look without being too frumpy.  I liked adding a subtly different color to the ring finger (I’ve seen this style all over!) to make it a little more fun but still nothing crazy.


What’s your favorite nail color when you have to look professional? Please share your ideas in the comments!


Snowy Nails

A Part of the “Getting in the Christmas Spirit” Series

I’ve been trying to take better care of my nails lately, but I’ve always had a bad habit of picking and biting them.  I had been doing pretty well, they were looking great!  But then… finals!  When I get stressed, the bad habit tends to kick in worse than usual.  I have found that one of the best ways to avoid the problem is to keep my nails polished.  As long as they have polish on them, I’m much less likely to mess with them.  And if I find myself nervously fidgeting, I end up picking at the polish instead of my nails.  It may not be a perfect solution, but it works better than anything else I’ve found!

In an effort to forestall the disaster that could ensue during finals week, I decided to try a new wintery combo on my nails.  It turned out great, and my fiance even noticed and complimented it!  I already had both polishes at home and just combined them in a new way.  The white shimmery background with the glittery overlay was inspired by a recent snowfall, and I think it hit the mark!

I used two coats of Pure Ice Best Friend followed by one coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Strobe Light.


As usual, please excuse the messiness.  While it seems I’m getting a little better… I’ll admit not by much.  Haha.  Anyway, I think this combo turned out really fun and winter-y, and I really liked it.  It would easily work with any similar glittery overlay, but I think the hints of pink add a little something extra.  I was considering a gold or silver glitter, and I think either would work really well, also.

If you have any winter and holiday favorites, please share them!  Nail polish usually doesn’t last more than a few days for me, so I’ll need lots of new ideas!

Matte About You

Yet another great idea brought to you by Pinterest!  I found photos of matte nail polish online, and I just had to try.  I discovered that Essie makes a top coat that will turn any regular nail polish matte… so you can use all of your favorites that you already have at home and give them a matte finish!  I loved the idea of doing that rather than trying to buy all new colors in matte, so I gave it a try today.

Here’s what I used

You might notice that the shade that I used was also featured in my Summer Styles post.  I still love it and thought the shimmer would be cool in matte!

Here’s what they looked like before the “mattifying” top coat

I alternated so you could see the difference between with and without the matte finish

Please excuse the fact that I am a really messy manicurist! lol.  I really liked it, so I went ahead and did the rest with the matte top coat.  I think it looks really cool, but it definitely feels strange to the touch because I’m not used to a matte finish feel!

Here’s the “finished” product 🙂

I thought this was just a really cool new way to try nails.  I want to find a pretty burgundy shade to try next, so if you have any recommendations, let me know!  Also, please let me know if you have any other fun tips for cool nail ideas!

Party Nails

I’ll be the first to admit that I do not take care of my finger nails as well as I should.  But that doesn’t mean that I can’t have fun painting them!  I bought a new polish this week and came up with a combo that I think is really fun.  It’s like my nails are throwing a party!

Here’s what I used:

Left: Charlotte Russe “Nude”

Center: OPI RapiDry Top Coat

Right: Sally Hansen “Strobe Light” (This is the new one I bought this week. I found it at Target for about $2!)

Strobe Light is just glitter with no underlying color, so I thought the pinkish undertone to the Charlotte Russe color would be great underneath!  Of course, you could just use the Strobe Light alone or choose a different color for underneath (I was thinking of trying the New Lilac from my Summer Styles post next!)… whatever sounds good to you!


It turned out that I only needed one coat of the Nude color…  It looked at first like it was going to be streaky and need at least one more coat, but it evened out just fine when it dried.  I did 1-2 coats of the Strobe Light depending on how the glitter dispersed on each individual nail, but most only needed one.  It’s a bit difficult to tell in the photos, but the color combo turned out great and the glitter is fun without being overwhelming.

Easy to do, fun, and flirty… I like it!

What are some of your favorite nail shades lately?  I’m having tons of fun trying new ones, so I look forward to any recommendations!

Summer Styles

This summer, I’ve tried a few new things style-wise.  Here are a few of my favorite things from this summer so far…


Pure Ice: New Lilac

LOVE this! The perfect blend of fun, shimmer, and girliness!  It’s probably also a great springtime color, but when paired with a good summer tan, it’s great!

MAC Ocean Dip

Thanks to Amanda, I discovered this awesome color!  I got it as a birthday gift from my brother, and I LOVE it!  It’s the perfect summer toenail color!

OPI It’s All Greek to Me

I ran across this while at Ulta the other day and fell in love!  At the time, I couldn’t justify the $8 because I was buying a ton of other stuff and I have SO many different pink polishes already.  BUT… I’m still considering going back for this one!  It’s a great shade and the name almost sells it alone 🙂


LOFT Women’s Soft Silver Ribbon and Gem Chain Bracelet

It’s a bit difficult to see in this photo, so I may try to take one that’s better at showing the detail.  I managed to find this on sale for 40% off, and I adore it!  I love the contrast between the chain and the rhinestones and ribbon.  Plus, the gems are extra sparkly.  The bracelet is big enough to make a statement, but delicate enough to still be feminine and doesn’t look overdone on my relatively small wrists.  In addition, the clasp is big enough that I can hook it myself!

Coach Flip Flops, Cosmetics Bag, and Purse



Sometimes, I feel so spoiled! The flip flops and the purse were awesome sale deals at the Coach Factory store, and the cosmetics bag was an fabulous birthday gift from my stylish “sister” Amanda.  I love how the inside of the purse is that beautiful purple color, it just makes it even more fun!  It’s relatively tiny for my usual purse size, but it works great for going out because it’s light, easy to keep track of, and fits the absolute necessities.  Plus, it’s champagne AND it’s sparkly, so that’s about as good as it gets!  The flip flops are great because they’re versatile.  They can be worn casually, but they can also be dressed up because A) they’re Coach and B) they’re shiny 🙂  The makeup bag is, let’s face it, just adorable!  (It’s functional and practical, too, but that’s beside the point!)

Dolce and Gabanna Sunglasses

Of all my summer style purchases, these are by far my favorite!  I am absolutely in love with these sunglasses!  They’re classy, fun, and make me feel like a movie star every time I wear them.  (Plus, they came with a super cute case!) L-O-V-E, LOVE them!

What are some of your favorite summer trends this year?  I’d love to hear about them!