DIY Pearl and Ribbon Bracelet

I know it’s been a while since my last post, and I apologize!

I recently completed this fun DIY project that I found on Pinterest.  I love how versatile this project can be.  You can make a bracelet or a necklace or whatever  you fancy.  You can also use whatever color ribbon you have on hand or choose, and I also found a couple of different shades of pearls that I am eager to try next!  I think this is so fun because it creates a very classy statement piece, but it’s very customizable and affordable.  For the same price as buying a completed bracelet, you can have the materials to make several.  I hope you enjoy!

This is all I needed for the project, plus a pair of scissors 🙂

I measured the ribbon, but I should have cut it longer. I wrapped it around my wrist twice and then about doubled it, and it wasn’t as long as I needed. I would recommend cutting it extra long… you can easily trim excess if you need to, but you can’t add more!
I tied a trial bow to see how much ribbon to leave on the end. I then tied a knot with just a little more than needed ribbon for the bow on the end. I then threaded the clear cord through the knot so that it stays put and then through the needle. The biggest problem I ran into with this project is that the cord wouldn’t fit through the hole in the pearl bead when it was threaded through the needle. This is because you’re then trying to fit the cord doubled up plus the needle through the bead. Instead, I had to unthread and rethread the needle every time, which was a hassle! Maybe try a thinner cord or beads with a bigger hole, but it is doable this way.

Here’s a more close up shot

Basically, you will weave the ribbon in between and around each bead. This was actually a lot more difficult than it looked! It’s a bit tough to get the ribbon not to slip, especially since the pearl beads are so smooth and round. In between each bead, the ribbon will be doubled, and then weaved underneath the pearl bead. Be careful to thread the cord through the *middle* of the ribbon, or it will be lopsided! Also, try to make each doubled section as close to the same size as possible.

Once you reach the end of the alloted space (make sure that there is enough ribbon at both ends to tie the bow!), tie another knot and thread the cord through the knot and tie a knot in the cord on the other side of the ribbon knot.


I know it’s not perfect, but this was my first try!  Ideally, I would have had the pearls go throughout the entire bracelet up until the bow, but like I said, I cut the ribbon a bit shorter than I should have.  I plan on making a few more of these with the materials I already bought, so I’ll be sure to post photos of them when I have them!

I hope you enjoy this project!  Please feel free to share photos if you try this project, I’d love to see them!  Also, I would love any ideas you have for other DIY jewelry projects!



Here is the pin that I used as inspiration.  I, unfortunately, have been unable to find the original source for the image, but I want to give credit as well as I can.  Theirs turned out a lot better than mine!



I found this awesome tutorial that is really helpful and shows step-by-step instructions for a very similar bracelet AND for some variations.  Check it out for more information!


DIY “Make a Wish” Dandelion Seed Necklaces


My friend and I saw these adorable dandelion seed “wish” necklaces online (via Pinterest and Etsy) and just adored them.  The thing is, I didn’t feel like waiting for shipping… and I realized I could easily make them myself!  So I collected a dandelion outside my apartment (I actually think this makes it more meaningful), found some miniature bottles and other supplies, and off I went!

I’ll be honest, the hardest part was finding the mini glass corked bottles.  Everything I searched online gave me ordering them online… and if I wanted to wait for shipping I’d just buy the necklace.  So, after being unsuccessful elsewhere, I happened to get lucky and find them at the Joann’s in my town, and I was super excited!

Basically, the concept is very simple.  I even bought leather necklaces to make my life EVEN easier, though you could use a chain or ribbon or whatever else you like.  I thought the leather would keep with the cool, earthy feel of the dandelion seed.  First, take one of the little seeds and push it into the little bottle.  I used tweezers and that helped a lot.  I also had to be careful because on the first try, the seed wias a little bit too tall for the bottle I bought.  I fought a bit to get it out, and then chose a slightly smaller one and also bent (very carefully) the stem of it right above where the seed at the bottom is so that it was a bit more flexible and fit better.  After that, I used super glue to secure the cork in the top, used a connector ring thingy to attach the bottle to the leather cord, and voila!

Super easy, super cute, and super fun!


This is all I needed to make the necklaces!


Here's a close up of the bottles


Bottles with the seeds in them


Seeds in bottles


Make a wish!


One for her and one for me!


I recommend wearing these with dark colors so that it’s easier to see the actual seed inside the bottle.  They’re very delicate, so they can easily become lost in a lighter color or against a pattern.  I got a compliment the first time I wore mine!


Please feel free to share any of your favorite ideas for DIY jewelry in the comments, or let me know if you try making these and how it works out for you!