Crafty Day

So today, after going to my first tailgate at my new university and watching the team completely dominate from home (we couldn’t even get tickets to the game!), I got inspired to do a craft project!  I am super excited because it’s the first project I’ve done in months, especially since I’ve been so busy with moving and then starting law school.

Here’s the layout of everything I used for my project!  I made a similar one for my previous university a few years ago (you’ll get to see it if you scroll down!) and was really excited to make one today for my new university, too.  If you’re wondering why I have cupcake baking cups, there is an explanation!  We don’t have any styrofoam bowls at the apartment yet (which is what I usually use for paint).  These actually worked pretty well!

I started off by painting the letters with the base color.  It ended up taking 3-4 coats to get it to look solid without streaks.  This ended up taking much longer than I expected!  Apparently, paint dries a lot faster in the desert than it does in a place with 80%+ humidity!  Go figure!


Once the paint dried, I added the pawprints with white fabric (“puffy”) paint.  It worked great for a couple of reasons.  First, it’s thick enough to cover over the navy blue without a problem and without multiple coats.  It’s easy to work with because of the squeeze bottle and fine tip.  And finally, I think it gives it a fun 3-D effect. 🙂

While the pawprints were drying, I moved on to work on the base.  I decided to use collegiate style letters to spell out my favorite chant and then the self adhesive star gems for a little extra bling!  It’s definitely important to remember spacing when you do this!  As you can see (sort of…) I used my paper towel as scrap paper to write out what I would be spelling on the base to find the center spot.  I then used a ruler to find the center of the base and worked from the center of the base and the center of the letters outward.  Once the letter stickers were in place, I added the gem stars.  I found the letters and the gems in the scrapbook section of the craft store.

I LOVE SPARKLY THINGS!  A little sparkle was just what this project needed!  I originally planned to use ribbon (as I had done with the previous one I made).  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a ribbon that I liked in the colors I needed.  Boo!  I did find this “glitter tape” in the scrapbook section.  Let me tell you, it looks amazing, but it was really hard to make work!  Although it is somewhat sticky, it didn’t want to stay very well, especially on corners and curves.  I fought with it a lot and finally ended up busting out the hot glue gun to force its cooperation.  I also had to use an exacto knife to cut the edges off the back once I finished because it was just a little too wide for the letters.  In short, If I ever make one of these again, I’m using ribbon!

Despite my frustration with the glitter tape, the finished product made it totally worth it!  I am SO happy with it!  I LOVE this!  It is the perfect mix of school spirit and fun crafting and made for a really amazing project.  L-O-V-E!

Past meets present!  Just to give you another example of how to make these fun… 🙂  I am so happy to have both of these, and making each brought me a lot of joy.  Please feel free to take these ideas and apply them to your own crafty plans.

Although I haven’t done most of these yet, I think some other cute ideas would be …

  • Baby gift with the baby’s name
  • Sorority gift with the Greek letters
  • Mother’s Day/ Father’s Day gift (I’ve done both of these!)
  • Birthday gift
  • Engagement or wedding gift with the couple’s initials

Please share photos of anything similar that you’ve done or come up with!  I would love to see what creative ideas you have!


Photo of the Day: Spa Day

To celebrate my last day at home, my mom took me on a spa day.  It was the perfect way to spend some quality girl time together and to relax after tons of work for the move and before the stress of a cross-country drive.  I took this photo of a waterfall wall in the spa because it was so pretty and tranquil.  I would love to have one of these in my home someday!

The August Break 2011

I just found out about this today through my friend Hannah’s blog!  I think it’s a really fun idea and I’m going to give it a try.  I’m giving you fair warning that I won’t be able to post EVERY day… I’ll be in the process of moving across country as of Friday, so we’ll see how it goes!

If you want to hear more about this, get involved, and get your button please visit Susannah Conway’s website. I was unfamiliar with her blog until now, but it seems pretty good so far!

You can join in anytime you like. The best part is there are NO RULES! Sounds fun to me!

Will you be joining in on the fun?

Inspiration and Admiration

I know that many look to celebrities for drama and gossip, and I’m sure I’m guilty of that sometimes, too.  However, I also enjoy looking to some celebrities who I admire for inspiration.  Some I look to because I like their fashion style, some I appreciate their talent, and some their creativity.  There are, though, some who I appreciate for all of the above reasons.  I figured I would dedicate today’s post to the women who inspire me with their style, class, talent, and generosity… in no particular order.

Carrie Underwood

I enjoyed watching her natural talent as she rose through the ranks on American Idol, and I’ve enjoyed watching her grow and reach such a fantastic level of success while remaining down-to-earth!  Plus, she has fabulous hair! 🙂

Taylor Swift

I’m not sure what girl doesn’t like Taylor Swift, but I kinda think that if she says she doesn’t, she’s probably lying to you or herself! Haha.  I love that Taylor is able to be girly, flirty, classy, and fun all at the same time.  I love her music and honestly don’t know what I was doing before I was singing along to her songs in my car.  The fact that she writes her own music just makes her talent even more impressive and makes her songs even more easy to relate to!

Emma Watson

Emma is not only a favorite because she plays Hermione (though she certainly gets a lot of bonus points for that!), but because she is a naturally beautiful young woman with tons of class.  She is extremely down to earth, despite all her fame, success, and oodles of money (that I’ve heard she’s been beyond responsible with it!).

Gwyneth Paltrow

First, she’s gorgeous and has a classy but contemporary sense of style.  It took a lot of guts for her to sing her own music in Country Strong and perform it live so many times, and I admire her for that.  She’s played such diverse roles as Emma in a Jane Austen classic (already getting brownie points for that!) and Pepper Potts from an action/superhero movie.  Tons of talent, down to earth, stylish, and classy… Yep, she makes the list for sure!

Reese Witherspoon

Ah yes, Reese Witherspoon.  Legally Blonde has inspired me because if Elle Woods can graduate from Harvard Law, I can certainly do it, too!  Haha.  Aside from that, Reese is absolutely one of my favorite celebrities out there.  I’ve seen quite a few of her interviews on television, and she seems like the kind of girl I would want to be friends with.  She’s enormously talented, beautiful, classy, and stylish.  Her controversial MTV Movie Awards (she was winner of the Generation Award) speech actually solidified my adoration for her, as she pronounced that you don’t have to be a promiscuous party girl to be cool!

Lauren Conrad

In case you hadn’t already noticed, I’m pretty much obsessed with Lauren Conrad.  I started adoring her when I used to watch The Hills with my roommate, and I’ve only come to like her more over time.  She’s had to deal with a lot of drama, but it seems she always does her best to handle situations in a respectful and respectable way.  I LOVE her style, and her website was the inspiration for me to start this blog! LOVE LOVE LOVE her!

Kate Middleton

And finally, Kate.  The best word I can think of to describe her is “lovely.”  She is stunningly beautiful, deals with the pressure she is sure to be under on a constant basis with an admirable level of sophistication and class, and has an amazingly classic but chic sense of style.  Did I mention?  SHE’S A PRINCESS.  Yeah, you definitely get bonus points for that!  She’s generous, kind, and seems to be on the right path to becoming the “next Diana.”  Aside from that, anyone who can captivate me enough to stay up past 4am to watch her wedding (and feel like it was 100% worth it) ought to be on this list!

Anyway, these are some of the women who I look up to, respect, and aspire to be more like.  Please feel free to share with me any of the women you would have included had this been your list!  I’m always looking for new role models 🙂