Mini-Mousse Pies

I’ve been working on being more healthy, and one of the things I’m doing is trying to make better, healthier food choices.  I don’t think it’s possible to keep up a fad diet.  But I do think it’s possible to make good choices most of the time, and to make changes that can last. It’s not easy, but getting creative can help!

That being said, sometimes, you just really want something sweet.  This weekend when we were grocery shopping, we came up with an idea that I think solves that problem without totally blowing your calories for the day.  Give these mini-mousse pies a try!


Mini-Mousse Pies Ingredients

To Make:

  1. Follow the instructions on the chocolate mousse mix box.
  2. Divide the mousse into four of the mini pie crusts. (I just used a big spoon!)
  3. Refrigerate for 2 hours, and enjoy!

See how easy that is?  SO easy!  You only need three ingredients and three steps!  The finished product gives you four single-serving desserts that are under 200 calories… How awesome is that?  Not only that, but if you’ve already got milk in your fridge, the other two ingredients will only cost you about $5 total. (And the mousse comes with two pouches, so it’s enough to make this dessert twice.)  Even better, you can make these however you like.  Feel like topping with some fresh fruit?  Go for it!  Maybe some chopped walnuts, coconut, mini-chocolate chips, or almond slivers… Go crazy!  You can also use different flavors of mousse or even sugar free or low fat pudding mix (though the instructions, ingredients, and nutrition information will change).  So many possibilities, so easy, and so much better for you than going to Dairy Queen!

Do you have any healthy snacks or desserts you love to make?  Please share them in the comments!  I’m always looking for new ideas!

So cute, right?

So cute, right?

Chocolate Mousse Nutrition Facts

Chocolate Mousse Nutrition Facts

Pie Crust Nutrition Facts

Pie Crust Nutrition Facts


More Crepes

This is an update to an earlier post.

Here are a couple of other ideas that we made after my previous post about crepes:


Peanut butter, banana, and whipped cream. The boy said it was delish!


Strawberries, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream... yummy!

Raspberry, Champagne, and Chocolate

MMM yum!  Three of my favorite flavors!  I enjoy all three on their own, but a few months ago I was inspired by a friend’s delicious rosewater cupcakes with strawberry champagne buttercream frosting to create something that combined all three!

So my plan was to use the Sprinkles cupcake mix that I bought at Williams Sonoma because I had previously tried their cupcakes in Washington, D.C. and fell in love.  Let me tell you, I realized with the first bite that it was not worth the hassle or the price!  I made the cupcakes as the directions instructed, and they fluffed up great until they started to cool.  They flattened a little, but the real problem was that they spilled over the cup onto the pan, so the tops came off when I took them out of the pan!  (I eventually tried to reassemble them by using extra frosting as “filling/glue” but that wasn’t as successful as I would have hoped.)  The cupcakes tasted okay, but I honestly think I could have used a much cheaper store-bought brand and they would have turned out just as well!

For the frosting, I made a basic champagne buttercream frosting.  I found the recipe online, there are tons out there!  I substituted one of the tablespoons of champagne with a tablespoon of Chambord for raspberry flavor.  I looked a few places for raspberry extract, but couldn’t find any.  I figured Chambord would be an acceptable substitute!  I tasted it after making it that way and decided there wasn’t quite enough flavor.  I added a little more of the champagne and of the Chambord and it was pretty good.  I decided to add just a little more… that was where I went wrong!  Apparently it only takes about one teaspoon of liquid to make buttercream go from perfect to a runny mess.  Oops!  This is why I don’t have pictures of the end product… It didn’t turn out very pretty!

Anyway, the concept was a good one even if the execution on my part was subpar.  In all fairness, it was my first attempt at making my own frosting rather than the packaged stuff, and my first time making “gourmet” cupcakes in general.  Despite the cupcakes coming out less than pretty… they were delicious!  The combination of chocolate, raspberry, and champagne was perfect, and I really enjoyed them.  Maybe you can give them a try and make them a bit prettier than I did! 🙂

Do you have any favorite cupcake combinations that you would like to share?