Signature Scents

I happen to have a pretty bad case of allergies, so when it comes to perfumes, I have to be quite careful.  It doesn’t do much good to smell fabulous if you’re sneezing, stuffed up, and puffy… that sort of defeats the purpose!  Needless to say, I’ve had a bit of a difficult time finding fragrances that I like and can wear without having allergy issues.  So far, I’ve found two that meet both requirements:

Vera Wang Princess

My best friend bought this for me as a gift one year, and I was a bit hesitant at the time because of previous bad experiences with perfumes and allergies.  To my surprise and delight, not only does this particular fragrance not cause me health issues, but I love the scent!  It’s light and a little sweet, and just makes me feel girly when I wear it!  I haven’t tried any of the offshoots of the Princess original yet, but when I searched for this photo, I realized that there are now tons of them (Rock Princess, Preppy Princess, Flower Princess, etc.) and I’m interested to give them a try!

Juicy Couture

Okay, so as much as I love this fragrance, you do have to be a bit careful when buying it.  Juicy has quite a few different scents, and some of the bottles look very similar.  I asked for a new bottle for Christmas this year and received the wrong one… Despite sending a picture!  In addition, the actual Juicy Couture shop nearest my home said that they don’t even carry it, and sent me to look for it at a beauty or department store instead.  The fact that I was willing to return the unwanted incorrect fragrance for store credit and then go to a couple of different places to find the right one (and had to pay for it separately) is testament to just how much I like it! Again a light fragrance, it makes me feel girly too, but a bit more sophisticated than the Princess scent does.

So these are my two signature scents.  I have yet to find another perfume that I like as much and don’t have an allergy problem with.  Recently, my mom has picked up a couple of new ones that I’m also enjoying so far, though I’m not sure I’d like them as much on myself (you know that your body’s chemistry does change the scent!).  Hers are:

Burberry For Women


Another accidental find, my dad bought this one for my mom when he misunderstood which she was pointing to at a store.  He surprised her with it a couple of days later (aw!) and she ended up liking it more than the one she originally wanted!

Prada Infusion de Rose

We went on a family trip to Italy this summer, so I really can’t blame my mom for splurging on an Italian “souvenir”!  Totally worth it to buy an Italian luxury fashion brand if you’re actually shopping in Florence! (By the way, while we were there, I found a super cute keychain like this one and considered buying it.  I asked the price, and they told me it would be €100.  With the exchange rate at the time, that would have been about $150 +tax.  I politely declined because $150 for a tiny keychain is absolutely insane in my opinion!)

Okay girls!  So here are a few of the fragrances I like, but I’m in need of suggestions!  Having only two perfume scents to my name over the past 5 years seems a bit sad, so help me out! 🙂