Quick Deal: Nautical Bracelet

If you know me at all, you know I love pretty much anything nautical!  It apparently doesn’t matter that I’ve spent most of my life living in the desert (literally).  I still just love the classic and preppy look!

One of my friends shared this deal with me, and I quickly scooped up one of the navy bracelets.  I just thought I would pass the information along!

Ashley Bridget nautical bracelets – They come in navy, black, tan, and white!

Click this link to see the deal and order your bracelet(s): http://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-ashley-bridget-nautical-bracelets

These bracelets have a classic look, and should be pretty lasting.  I was especially impressed by the 14-karat yellow-gold plating!  It seems like a pretty great deal, too.  The bracelet is normally about $50, but with the Groupon you get it for less than $20 and don’t have to pay shipping!  I can’t wait to get mine in the mail!

Just make sure to hurry, Groupon deals expire quickly!

Do you have any good deals that you want to share?  Please let us know in the comments!


Accessory Trend: Stacking

One of my new favorite things to do to spice up a classic outfit is to add a little pop with bracelet stacking.  It’s great because if you buy a few pieces (and they can be pretty inexpensive, too!), you can mix and match to create new looks.

Here are a couple of my recent favorites:

Both of these are from Target... Christmas presents from my mom!

Both of these are from Target… Christmas presents from my mom!

My Michael Kors watch and LC bracelets from Kohls.  This one's my favorite!

My Michael Kors watch and LC bracelets from Kohls. This stack is my favorite!

The same two LC bracelets and a Pura Vida bracelet stack for Valentine's Day

The same two LC bracelets and a Pura Vida bracelet stack for Valentine’s Day

These are just a few of my recent favorites.  I’ll try to update this post as I come up with new combinations and additions!  Please feel free to share your favorites in the comments!

DIY Pearl and Ribbon Bracelet

I know it’s been a while since my last post, and I apologize!

I recently completed this fun DIY project that I found on Pinterest.  I love how versatile this project can be.  You can make a bracelet or a necklace or whatever  you fancy.  You can also use whatever color ribbon you have on hand or choose, and I also found a couple of different shades of pearls that I am eager to try next!  I think this is so fun because it creates a very classy statement piece, but it’s very customizable and affordable.  For the same price as buying a completed bracelet, you can have the materials to make several.  I hope you enjoy!

This is all I needed for the project, plus a pair of scissors 🙂

I measured the ribbon, but I should have cut it longer. I wrapped it around my wrist twice and then about doubled it, and it wasn’t as long as I needed. I would recommend cutting it extra long… you can easily trim excess if you need to, but you can’t add more!
I tied a trial bow to see how much ribbon to leave on the end. I then tied a knot with just a little more than needed ribbon for the bow on the end. I then threaded the clear cord through the knot so that it stays put and then through the needle. The biggest problem I ran into with this project is that the cord wouldn’t fit through the hole in the pearl bead when it was threaded through the needle. This is because you’re then trying to fit the cord doubled up plus the needle through the bead. Instead, I had to unthread and rethread the needle every time, which was a hassle! Maybe try a thinner cord or beads with a bigger hole, but it is doable this way.

Here’s a more close up shot

Basically, you will weave the ribbon in between and around each bead. This was actually a lot more difficult than it looked! It’s a bit tough to get the ribbon not to slip, especially since the pearl beads are so smooth and round. In between each bead, the ribbon will be doubled, and then weaved underneath the pearl bead. Be careful to thread the cord through the *middle* of the ribbon, or it will be lopsided! Also, try to make each doubled section as close to the same size as possible.

Once you reach the end of the alloted space (make sure that there is enough ribbon at both ends to tie the bow!), tie another knot and thread the cord through the knot and tie a knot in the cord on the other side of the ribbon knot.


I know it’s not perfect, but this was my first try!  Ideally, I would have had the pearls go throughout the entire bracelet up until the bow, but like I said, I cut the ribbon a bit shorter than I should have.  I plan on making a few more of these with the materials I already bought, so I’ll be sure to post photos of them when I have them!

I hope you enjoy this project!  Please feel free to share photos if you try this project, I’d love to see them!  Also, I would love any ideas you have for other DIY jewelry projects!



Here is the pin that I used as inspiration.  I, unfortunately, have been unable to find the original source for the image, but I want to give credit as well as I can.  Theirs turned out a lot better than mine!



I found this awesome tutorial that is really helpful and shows step-by-step instructions for a very similar bracelet AND for some variations.  Check it out for more information! http://www.twinkleandtwine.com/2012/10/tutorial-ribbon-and-pearl-stretch.html

Retail Therapy

My second semester of law school begins tomorrow (technically, now, today).  With the anticipation of what was to come, I woke up feeling frustrated, anxious, and overwhelmed.  I already had over 30 pages of reading to do… just for the first day!  Winter break wasn’t nearly long enough, and I was wishing the holidays weren’t over yet.  So, how to solve this terrible problem?  Retail therapy!

Ann Taylor LOFT was having a 30% off everything sale today, and it’s one of the few decent stores we have in this small town.  I had found a navy blue cardigan there while I was at home that I loved, but it hadn’t been on sale at the time because it was a “new arrival.”  Fortunately, today’s sale included everything, including new items!  So away I went, and found my navy cardi and picked up another one of those super fun bracelets (in lavender) while I was at it!


LOFT navy cardigan and lavender crystal bracelet


Lavender crystal bracelet close up


Super cute buttons on the sleeves!


While retail therapy is a fantastic distraction, and it definitely brightened my day today, please be advised that I don’t recommend it as a regular fix for stress!  While fun, retail therapy can lead to overspending, which can lead to more stress… it can be a vicious cycle!  So choose wisely, try to do it when things are on sale, and only buy something you really want!  Honestly, it makes the reward all the sweeter!

What are some of your favorite retail therapy purchases and places o go?

Add Some Sparkle

Hitting the after-Christmas sales is one of my favorite things!  Although the selection is a bit slimmer than earlier in the season, it’s a great time to grab the few things that you didn’t want to buy because you weren’t sure if you’d get them as gifts or for those times when you were waiting for a little Christmas cash!

Here’s one of my after-Christmas sale finds!  I got both of these bracelets from the Loft for less than $10!  I love that they’re a bit stretchy so they fit any size wrist, but they still hold their shape like a bangle.  They had a few colors (I loved them all!) but I decided on the navy and gray to match all of my Penn State gear!

Navy and gray crystal bracelets




These bracelets are a great way to add just a little extra sparkle to an outfit, I think!  They’re subtle but feminine, fun and flirty!  I just love them!

What are some of your favorite new accessories?

Group Gift

A Part of the “Getting in the Christmas Spirit” Series

This year, I have been blessed with a new group of amazing friends.  Moving across the country to start law school was such a scary thing, and the wonderful girls that I have become close with have made the transition so much easier.  I don’t think that I could have gotten through my first semester without their support and the fun times that we’ve shared.  To show my appreciation, I decided to surprise them with holiday / good luck on finals gifts.

It’s important that when you do gifts for a large group of people who spend a lot of time together, you make sure that the gifts are not terribly different.  I don’t mean to say that you have to get the same gift for everyone, though that can be a good option.  However, if you decide not to, it’s really important to consider that everyone will see what everyone else got.  You don’t want to spend $40 on one person and only $5 on another… the person who you spent $40 will feel awkward and the person you spent $5 will have his or her feelings hurt. try to keep the gifts within the same basic price range!  If you do decide to give everyone the same gift, make sure that it is appropriate for every member of the group.  Don’t buy a bottle of wine for everyone if you know some of your friends don’t drink… whether you decide to just give them the wine to keep the gifts the same or you decide to get them a different gift, it will be awkward and not very tactful.


In this case, I found a gift that is basically the same, but personalized in a small way.  I think that this was a great way to go, because it shows a little extra thoughtfulness above buying the exact same gift for each person.  The only difference between the gifts was the color, so everyone got the same thing, just in her favorite color.  I got the idea from Lauren Conrad’s blog.  These Pura Vida bracelets are a great gift because they’re reasonably priced (I was able to buy 14 total!), they’re adorable, they’re trendy, and they give back to the community in more than one way.  You can check out their website or LC’s blog for more information.  Here’s a quote from her page:

“What you may not know is that Pura Vida is more than a hot accessory, it’s a movement. The phrase “Pura Vida” means ‘pure life’ in Spanish. It’s about learning to enjoy life slowly and celebrate good fortune while not taking anything for granted. Hand made in Costa Rica by the area’s finest artisans, these bracelets represent living life to the fullest and are meant to be a celebration of each day as a gift. …  “


Given the meaning behind these bracelets and the fact that they donate portions of the proceeds to charity, I thought it would be a perfect gift for the girls who have been working so hard in law school.  I made sure that they arrived during finals, so the bracelets could be a reminder to keep things in perspective as well as to serve as a good luck charm during exams.  Getting the same gift for everyone (I got one for myself, too!) was also a good way to tie us together before we all went our separate ways for winter break.  Everyone seemed to really appreciate them, and it brought me a lot of joy to see everyone wearing them.

This photo was taken at lunch after our last final... what an awesome way to celebrate after completing our first semester of law school!

Anyway, I just wanted to share a gift idea with a couple of tips on holiday gift-giving to large groups.  Hope you enjoy, and please feel free to share any of your favorite gift ideas!