New Nude Heels

They may not be Louboutins, but they’re still cute (and the price tag is certainly more manageable!)

Aldo Croner in “Camel”

I have been desperately searching for the “perfect” pair of nude heels for over a year now.  Many I’ve seen are too brown, too yellow, or too pink, so when I found these I was SUPER excited!  They’re exactly the shade I had nearly given up on finding, and they’re suede, which I was hoping to find.  There are, in my opinion, two types of suede: 1.  the nice suede that stays smooth ans sleek, and 2. the crappy suede that gets messy looking.  I made a bad decision when I purchased my last pair of black pumps and bought the WRONG suede, and I will never do it again!  I’ve only worn them once, and they already look like they’re 10 years old.  Yuck.  These happen to be the nice suede, so I’m quite happy with them!

WARNING: If you have little experience with wearing particularly high heels and/or have been living in flat flip flops for 2-3 months DO NOT wear these without breaking them in and/or bringing shoes to change into!  (Oops… my bad!)

Anyway, they’re worth the pain I suffered through because I was complimented on them tonight (the first time I’ve worn them) while sitting at a table at a restaurant!  Aside from that, I am… well, I’ll just admit it, I’m pretty short.  I’m about 5’4, and I went to dinner tonight with my girlfriends and was as tall as the taller ones!  That may seem silly, but for a girl who’s been stuck at the shorter end, it was a pretty nice change 🙂

Overall, I love them.  I just need a little time to get used to wearing 4+ inch heels… wish me luck!