Blonde Hair, DO Care

Do you have blonde hair?  Do you hate when it gets brassy over time?  Me too!

I have tried so many different things to try to help prevent the inevitable brassy color that creeps in a couple of weeks after getting my hair highlighted at the salon.  I really don’t care for the brassy, golden tone, and I would much prefer the cooler color.  I’ve had a couple stylists recommend “purple shampoo” because the purple color counteracts the brassy yellow color and brings your hair back tot he cooler blonde.  The trouble is finding it!

I’ve tried a few different brandsover the years, but I recently discovered Joico’s Color Endure Violet Shampoo and ConditionerLOVE.  Like, L-O-V-E love.  It’s got a ton of purple pigment (think of it this way: the purpler the shampoo, the less brassy your hair will be!), and it also smells delightful.  Aside from that, it definitely works better than any of the others I’ve tried in the past.

In addition, many of the “purple shamppos” I’ve tried in the past seem to dry my hair out a lot.  I’m not sure whether that’s because I was using that instead of the extra-hydrating color protect kinds that I normally used, or if it was that the purple kind was actually drying it out.  Either way, I do NOT have that problem with the Joico kind!  All in all, I highly recommend it!  I got mine on sale at Ulta, but I’m sure you can find it elsewhere, too.



Basically, this stuff is UH-MAY-ZING.  I don’t usually recommend particular beauty products because I have such a hard time finding anything I really like, but this is definitely worth it!

Do you have any good products for blonde hair?  Please share them in the comments!


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