Lauren Conrad Feature

Hey all!  I know I haven’t been posting as often as I should, but I have been very busy this summer!  (I know, it seems so backward!)


I am super excited that Lauren Conrad chose to feature lil’ ol’ me on her Gallery Spotlight: Our Fab Members post on 6/27/2012!!!

I feel like an absolute superstar for being featured in this way, and I truly could not have been recognized by someone I admire more!  (Sorry for all the exclamation points, but I’m obviously on cloud nine over this fantastic news)

Anyway, I hope that you all will take a moment to check out LC’s page at because it is what initially inspired me to start blogging.  I really enjoy the daily posts, and I find a number of them to be really helpful!  If you enjoy my blog at all, I am 100% sure that you will adore hers!

Thank you so much to all of you for your support, and thank you to Miss Conrad for this honor.  I couldn’t be happier!



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