Loving the Long Bob

I’ve been looking for ideas for a new hairstyle lately, and it’s not easy!  I want something sophisticated but still young and fun.  Being a young adult in a professional world is hard!  So when I found this, I was really excited because I think it achieves both goals, and wouldn’t require me to completely chop off my hair, either!


Lauren Conrad from the Hills in a medium length angled bob haircut with side swept bangs. - This is the photo I'm planning to take to my stylist!


Gwyneth Paltrow sports the long bob very nicely. I love the style on her, and this photo was the inspiration for my bob-love! (I just want bangs, too, so this one doesn't quite work for me).


Basically, Jennifer Aniston's hair is always adorable. I love the cut and the highlights here!


What are some of your favorite hairstyles this season?  Have you found any celebrities sporting the long bob that you think totally rock it?  Please share in the comments!!!




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