Bunny Cake

Since I was little, my mom has made a Bunny Cake for Easter most years.  A couple of years ago, she taught me how to make it.  This year, I couldn’t be home with my family for Easter.  My law school family, though, celebrated together.  It was fantastic!  We had a potluck dinner, and when they asked me what I’d like to bring, this was the first thing that came to mind.  I was so excited to share a tradition with others, especially when it meant bringing a part of home with me!

What you need:

  1. cake mix – I used Funfetti, but you can use whatever you want!
  2. frosting – it works best with plain vanilla
  3. coconut
  4. food coloring
  5. sprinkles
  6. candy for the eyes and nose
  7. either candy or colored frosting for the mouth and whiskers
  8. a really big flat pan or board to build the cake on – I recommend measuring first!

Here are some pictures of the process… I hope you enjoy!


Two round cakes. Use one for the face, and cut the other into the ears and the bowtie.

This is what it looks like laid out

We decided on yellow for the bowtie!

Here it is after the frosting!

Ear: pink icing, pink sprinkles, and coconut

Here he is! ❤


We didn't have a pan or cutting board large enough, so we used the very thick kind of posterboard. I had some extra Easter stickers, so I used them to decorate the borders. I think it worked!


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