Happy Hunger Games

Happy Hunger Games!

In honor of the movie release today, I wanted to share a little something to celebrate!  I attended the midnight showing with a group of friends last night and had a great time!  The movie was fantastic!

Disclaimer:  I admit it.  I have not yet read the books.  I know this makes me a terrible person.  I didn’t hear about them until I had already started law school, and I don’t have time to read “for fun” during the semester.  I read a different series over winter break, not realizing the movie was being released so soon.  I will read them over the summer, I promise!  That being said, PLEASE NO SPOILERS!!! ❤

Anyway, I got up this morning and I just really wanted to be cool like Katniss.  I mean really, who wouldn’t?  Since I have no survival skills whatsoever, I decided to fix my hair in a crossover French braid like hers. 🙂

Click HERE for a Youtube video tutorial that I found via Pinterest so that you can have Katniss’s awesome ‘do, too!  You can find tons of tutorials online if you search, but I thought this one did a pretty good job.  Hope you enjoy!

May the odds be ever in your favor!



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