Neutral Nails

Last week, I participated in mock trial, so I needed to look professional.  Lately, I’ve been trying more fun things with my nails, especially since the weather has gotten nicer.  But, for this professional-attire-required event, I had to tone it down a bit.  That being said, I still wanted to keep it a little fun, so here’s what I came up with!

Orly "Buried Treasure" and OPI "Warm and Fozzie" (from their Muppets Collection)

I did my whole hand in two coats of the "Buried Treasure" and then did the "Warm and Fozzie" over only my ring finger on each hand for a little pop of fun!

A little closer up so you can see the difference i color better. I love the shimmer and sparkle without being too overdone!

From a different angle

I think this was a really good combination for a professional look without being too frumpy.  I liked adding a subtly different color to the ring finger (I’ve seen this style all over!) to make it a little more fun but still nothing crazy.


What’s your favorite nail color when you have to look professional? Please share your ideas in the comments!



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