Polka Dot Flowers Craft Night


Hooray for Spring Break!  It feels like an eternity since the last time that I had some time to relax and not worry too much about school… So this break is much needed!

A couple of the girls and I decided to have a craft night.  After stalking Pintrest for a bit for inspiration, we headed to Michaels to see what looked fun.  We were having a bit of a hard time deciding until we saw these adorable polka dot flowers!

So adorable!


Once we saw them, it was basically settled!  We picked out some vases and some ribbon.  In the meantime, I came across an adorable feather with some pearl accents.  I’m not usually the feather type, but this was just so pretty!  I grabbed it and said I didn’t even care what I did with it, I just wanted it… I feel like that’s one of tose things that happens more often in a craft store than any other stores!

So, here are a few photos from our fun craft night!  I think our projects turned out really well.  We had no idea we would be arranging flowers as our craft, but it ended up being really fun!  We had a great time, and now we have some adorable semi-matching decorations! ❤

This is how *I* do ribbon! It turned out that it had a sticker backing, so it was really easy to add to the vase!




My polka dot flower vase!


This is what I ended up doing with the pearl feather! I think the cherry blossoms were the PERFECT addition to celebrate the anniversary of my D.C. engagement last year! I love the pink mini-bottle, which I filled with pearls! Around the bottom are some of the tulip petals from my previous post, which have just started falling today.


Close up on the cherry blossoms and pearl feather


The final product of our polka dot flowers craft night! ❤


Have you done any fun, easy crafts recently?  Please share them in the comments, I am always looking for new ideas!



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