Tea Time!

Chocolate chip coconut scone and jasmine lychee tea


Looking for a good way to relax?  Find a tea room in your town!  I’m not talking about a highly commercialized chain that is filled with the hustle and bustle of free wi-fi.  I’m talking about an actual tea room, where they serve afternoon tea.

One of my absolute FAVORITE “girls’ day” spots is the Market Tea Room in Las Vegas.  I made sure to enjoy lunch there with my best friend while I was on break!  I’ve gone with my mom, girlfriends, I even took my fiance once!  I’ve never NOT enjoyed my experience there, though it can sometimes be difficult if you’re in a rush because it’s such a small place.

This particular restaurant offers a fresh selection of home-made delights… The chicken salad sandwich with cranberry mayo is to DIE FOR (seriously, my favorite sandwich EVER.), the soups are delicious, and the scones (different ones each day!) are perfect.  Everything they serve is made from scratch by the owner (and a couple assistants) every day.  They have a wide selection of teas available, and I love that they bring you an individual teapot (size depending on how many cups worth you order) and have totally mismatched china tea cups to drink from!  The restaurant is located inside an antiques market, so they have a plentiful supply of whimsical tea china, plates, and silverware to choose from.  Every time I go, I get a different cup, which I love!  Plus, it just feels more special drinking tea out of a lovely antique china cup and saucer!

If you’re looking for a fun way to relax, this is definitely it!  Drinking hot tea out of a china cup is sure to make you feel calm and classy, and the fun of enjoying good food while also feeling elegant is unbeatable (except maybe by a high price spa!).  Personally, I absolutely love spending a few hours catching up on girl talk while enjoying such an old and sadly lost tradition, and I have yet to go there with anyone who disagreed!

What are some of your favorite ways to relax?  Have you found any great places for tea?


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