Snowflake Wishes

A Part of the “Getting in the Christmas Spirit” Series

I know, I know.  I’ve been slacking on the posts!  But… I’ve been so busy with coming home, family events, holidays, and the like.  Sorry!

Yesterday, my mom and I did a girls’ afternoon of shopping.  Some of the best sales definitely take place AFTER Christmas!

We were wandering around, actually looking for a gift for someone else.  As we went through the housewares department of Macy’s, we spotted the most beautiful champagne flutes!  Apparently, Waterford is doing a limited edition holiday series of them called Snowflake Wishes!  They release two every year  (one colored and one clear) in new designs, from 2011-2020.  I am not normally the type to splurge on something so expensive… but I honestly couldn’t help myself!  The design is just SO beautiful, and my family has had a set of traditional Waterford champagne and wine glasses since I can remember.

So this year, my mom and I began a new tradition.  Together, we bought my first ever piece of Waterford, and we hope to collect the whole set, buying a new addition each year.  This is such a wonderful tradition because, though expensive, these pieces will last for generations.  It will be a fond memory for us, but I will also be able to pass the collection to my child someday, and to their child someday, and so on.  What a wonderful way to celebrate the spirit of Christmas!

My family has had a buffet (some people call them China cabinets, too) since before I was born.  That’s where we keep all of our “nice” things… the Waterford pieces I mentioned earlier, our china dishes, our good silverware, antique water vases that have been passed through the generations…  My whole life, I have associated the buffet with the utmost in class and knew that only the most special and beautiful things belonged there.  Yesterday, I made space for my new Waterford flute, and I can’t even tell you the feeling that it brought me.  I felt like I had become a part of something so special and had been able to contribute to something so wonderful.  Yes, this is truly a meaningful and joyful new Christmas tradition, and I could not be any happier!

Not all Christmas traditions have to involve purchases, and truthfully, most of mine don’t.  Please feel free to share any of your favorite holiday traditions in the comments!  I will also be updating with a few new posts for some of my other favorites!


This is the beautiful box it came in!


This is the gloriousness you see when you open the box!!!


This is the Waterford label 🙂






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