Send Christmas Cards

A Part of the “Getting in the Christmas Spirit” Series


Although the holiday season can be hectic and busy, I think it’s nice to stop just for a moment to send Christmas Cards.  I try to do it every year, and yes, I have been guilty of skipping once or twice.  Life gets chaotic, but even with the craziness of school, I managed to get mine into the mail today!  I love receiving cards, so I like to try to share that feeling with others by sending them out.  I know how much joy something as simple as a card can be, so why should the holidays be any different?  You don’t have to spend a fortune or send a hundred of them, but I think it’s definitely worth the trouble, especially when you can’t afford to send gifts.  This year, I also included a letter with the cards that I am sending to some of my older relatives who don’t have Facebook, so they can see what I’ve been up to this year.  I printed a few photos at the bottom of the letter, too.  It’s a lot cheaper than printing and sending full-size photos, but they still get to see some of the highlights.


Anyway, I find that one of the BEST ways to get into the Christmas Spirit is by sharing it with others, and sending cards is such an easy way to do it!



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