Matte About You

Yet another great idea brought to you by Pinterest!  I found photos of matte nail polish online, and I just had to try.  I discovered that Essie makes a top coat that will turn any regular nail polish matte… so you can use all of your favorites that you already have at home and give them a matte finish!  I loved the idea of doing that rather than trying to buy all new colors in matte, so I gave it a try today.

Here’s what I used

You might notice that the shade that I used was also featured in my Summer Styles post.  I still love it and thought the shimmer would be cool in matte!

Here’s what they looked like before the “mattifying” top coat

I alternated so you could see the difference between with and without the matte finish

Please excuse the fact that I am a really messy manicurist! lol.  I really liked it, so I went ahead and did the rest with the matte top coat.  I think it looks really cool, but it definitely feels strange to the touch because I’m not used to a matte finish feel!

Here’s the “finished” product 🙂

I thought this was just a really cool new way to try nails.  I want to find a pretty burgundy shade to try next, so if you have any recommendations, let me know!  Also, please let me know if you have any other fun tips for cool nail ideas!


2 thoughts on “Matte About You

  1. I have GOT to get some of that matte-ifying top coat!! I’ve been wanting to do some matte nail art on my blog, but I haven’t been able to find the top coat! I usually like my nails sparkly and shiny, but I think it would be fun on occasion to do some designs with a matte finish. 🙂 And don’t worry, my nails look just like that when I’m done painting them. Haha. I always cover my fingers with polish, then soak off the excess in the shower or use my angled eyeliner brush to remove the extra polish.

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