Rocking Red Lipstick

Red lips fade in and out of mass popularity, but have remained a classic throughout the decades.  I see plenty of stars sporting red lips on the red carpet, but I haven’t been able to muster the courage to try it myself.  I think red lips, when done right, can work with any complexion and can range from elegantly formal to sexy pinup status.  I’ve done red nail polish on fingers and toes, red heels, red ribbons in my hair, the works.  But I still haven’t worked up the guts to try the red lip.  Maybe I’m just waiting for the right occasion or the right dress… who knows? Despite my hesitation, I do think that red lipstick is a classic style that has shown true longevity and will probably not be going anywhere for some time to come!

I was wondering how you all feel about red lips.  What celebs or friends do you think have rocked the red lip the best?  If you’ve given it a shot, what brands and shades would you recommend?  Maybe you’ll help inspire me to give it a shot!


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