Crepe Expectations

Recently, my girlfriends and I have stumbled upon a newer restaurant in town.  It’s called Crepe Expectations, and I’ve mentioned it in a couple of previous posts.  We LOVE it there because the staff is extremely friendly, the prices are reasonable, and the food is fresh and delicious!  We like the fact that it’s usually not very crowded, so we can sit around and enjoy girl talk for as long as we’d like as well as feeling chic while ordering crepes, mimosas, and cucumber infused water.  The ambiance is great, the menu is unique, and the service is wonderful.  What more could a bunch of girls ask for?

This delicious little concoction is my variation on the restaurant’s menu item “The Frisco.”  Instead of blueberries, though, I substituted strawberries.  YUM.

One of my favorite things there is their selection of mimosas and their Mimosa Sampler, which I discussed in my recent post Mimosas are Delicious.  These are both from Crepe Expectations…


I have yet to order anything at this restaurant that I didn’t like, and as far as I’m aware, none of my friends has found anything, either!  I am extremely impressed because (I’m not a particularly adventurous person when it comes to trying new foods)  I had never really had crepes, and this place has made me completely obsessed! I loved it so much that I decided to have my girls’ night pre-going-away dinner there last weekend!

I also appreciate that crepes are pretty basic, so I feel like their menu is like a little recipe book for me!  If I want to try making crepes at home, I now have tons of ideas because their menu is available on their website (linked above), so I just have to find a basic crepe recipe and then use their menu as a guide for filling ideas!

Sometimes, it’s the local cafes that are the most fun!  I have really enjoyed this one, please feel free to share any of your favorites, especially if they’re in Vegas

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