Be “Fratty”

Last year, my younger brother joined a fraternity that stressed the importance of appearance.  I don’t disagree.  I think it’s critical to look the part if you’re trying to be a part of something.  In their case, they pushed the idea of being “fratty.”  After a little research, I have determined that being fratty is basically the equivalent of looking as if you belong on a yacht or in a cape cod country club.  Personally, I see no objections to that type of casual class!  Being fratty is not restricted to men, though the word I often hear associated with the female version is, I feel, wildly inappropriate.  So, I’ve chosen to stick with fratty.

I’ve come to appreciate this style over the last year, and as I’ll be moving to Pennsylvania in about two weeks, I thought it was about time to pick up a little east-coast class myself.  I went in search of my first piece, a pair of boat shoes.  Okay, “boat shoes” does not sound classy.  But in this case, they are more “I’m on a yacht” shoes than “I’m on a boat” shoes. LOL.  Here’s a photo of the ones I chose:

Ummm… SUPER cute!  I was initially in the market for Sperry’s, but I wasn’t able to find any at any of the stores I visited that were solid colors I liked.  I found these almost by mistake at our outlet mall at Bass Shoes.  These are a bit on the pricey side normally (I believe they were marked at about $95!), but we managed to find them on sale buy 1 get 2 free!  SUCH a deal, considering my mom found a pair she loved and my brother was in the market for some new ones, too. These are called “Regatta,” though I wasn’t able to find a link to them anywhere online.

Don’t believe me that boat shoes are classy?  I have proof!  If Kate Middleton wears them, they MUST be stylish!!!

Hers happen to be Sebago, but if a style is good enough for a princess, it’s good enough for me!

Kate pulls off the style perfectly, of course.  Another option that I find to be useful is a polo and shorts or a skirt.  Be mindful of the length of shorts or skirts, keep it classy!  If you’re looking to accessorize, pearls are a great choice!  You can also take it in a semi-nautical direction, as my friend Jen did when we went to dinner for girls night the other night…

Jen is on the far right.  Cute striped sweater, shorts of appropriate length, sunglasses hanging as an accessory, and neutral boat shoes that would match just about any outfit.  PERFECT.  Kudos, Jen, on being extraordinarily stylish! ❤

If you want to know more about being “fratty,” please feel free to check out‘s lessons online.  Please be warned that their opinions and phraseology can be a bit… inappropriate at times.  However, the basics of their style guide are actually pretty good!

I’m not saying everyone should be fratty, but I also think it’s a style that I can get behind and enjoy.  Please feel free to share any of your fratty favorites or any recommendations or suggestions you have! ❤


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