Summer Styles

This summer, I’ve tried a few new things style-wise.  Here are a few of my favorite things from this summer so far…


Pure Ice: New Lilac

LOVE this! The perfect blend of fun, shimmer, and girliness!  It’s probably also a great springtime color, but when paired with a good summer tan, it’s great!

MAC Ocean Dip

Thanks to Amanda, I discovered this awesome color!  I got it as a birthday gift from my brother, and I LOVE it!  It’s the perfect summer toenail color!

OPI It’s All Greek to Me

I ran across this while at Ulta the other day and fell in love!  At the time, I couldn’t justify the $8 because I was buying a ton of other stuff and I have SO many different pink polishes already.  BUT… I’m still considering going back for this one!  It’s a great shade and the name almost sells it alone 🙂


LOFT Women’s Soft Silver Ribbon and Gem Chain Bracelet

It’s a bit difficult to see in this photo, so I may try to take one that’s better at showing the detail.  I managed to find this on sale for 40% off, and I adore it!  I love the contrast between the chain and the rhinestones and ribbon.  Plus, the gems are extra sparkly.  The bracelet is big enough to make a statement, but delicate enough to still be feminine and doesn’t look overdone on my relatively small wrists.  In addition, the clasp is big enough that I can hook it myself!

Coach Flip Flops, Cosmetics Bag, and Purse



Sometimes, I feel so spoiled! The flip flops and the purse were awesome sale deals at the Coach Factory store, and the cosmetics bag was an fabulous birthday gift from my stylish “sister” Amanda.  I love how the inside of the purse is that beautiful purple color, it just makes it even more fun!  It’s relatively tiny for my usual purse size, but it works great for going out because it’s light, easy to keep track of, and fits the absolute necessities.  Plus, it’s champagne AND it’s sparkly, so that’s about as good as it gets!  The flip flops are great because they’re versatile.  They can be worn casually, but they can also be dressed up because A) they’re Coach and B) they’re shiny 🙂  The makeup bag is, let’s face it, just adorable!  (It’s functional and practical, too, but that’s beside the point!)

Dolce and Gabanna Sunglasses

Of all my summer style purchases, these are by far my favorite!  I am absolutely in love with these sunglasses!  They’re classy, fun, and make me feel like a movie star every time I wear them.  (Plus, they came with a super cute case!) L-O-V-E, LOVE them!

What are some of your favorite summer trends this year?  I’d love to hear about them!


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